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author Alicja Nawracaj

author Alicja Nawracaj

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Horse trail

Horse trail

Nieznajowa village – Olchowiec village
Marked in orange color
In the area of the Magura NP and it’s buffer zone it leads from Nieznajowa village through Kotan village to Olchowiec village.
The trail length in this part: 10 km
Category: horse trail

The trail is a part of a horse trail which goes along the Beskidy Mts. from Brenna village to Wolosate village. A part of this trail which runs in the Magura NP starts in Nieznajowa village and leads through Rostajne, Swiatkowa Wielka, Swiatkowa Mala, Kotan, Huta Krempska, Polany, Olchowiec, Tylawa villages towards the Bieszczady Mts.